Hello Friends and Colleagues,

National Biomechanics Day is April 10 this year and it will be celebrated around the world. Today we are asking you to join NBD 2019 and contribute to the worldwide Biomechanics expansion we are creating. Our goal is to increase the impact of Biomechanics on society and we will manifest this goal by introducing Biomechanics to high school students. While many institutions have tremendous Biomechanics outreach events, NBD provides a singe platform upon which we unite into one synchronized, worldwide celebration of Biomechanics. Yes, pretty cool. Please visit our website to learn more about NBD and to register for this year: http://nationalbiomechanicsday.asbweb.org/

While the official date is April 10, you can hold your NBD event any other Spring date that works for you.

We are sponsored by many Biomechanics societies, instrument manufacturers and related commercial entities because they know NBD will change the Biomechanics landscape.

Thank you very much,
Paul DeVita