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Thread: Centripedal forces and the calf muscle pump

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    Re: Centripedal forces and the calf muscle pump

    I am a bit stuck with some physics here and would greatly appreciate a bit of help .

    My understanding is that just after toe off , the foot is transiently accelerating at 30m/s/s .

    So let's say we have a leg 0.7 m long and let's represent that leg with a simple ,hollow ,rigid tube . Now the lower end of the tube is sealed off and this seal represents a venous valve . A mass of 100g , in the form of a fishing weight , is dropped into the tube to represent a column of blood resting on the valve .

    If the upper end of the tube is fixed and the lower , sealed end of the tube accelerates at 30m/s/s ,what is the force in N placed on the seal by the fishing weight ?

    I am familiar with the linear aspects of F=ma but have struggled to find an answer to the question posed above .
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