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Thread: Centripedal forces and the calf muscle pump

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    Re: Centripedal forces and the calf muscle pump

    Hi Joakim ,
    Many thanks for responding .

    Yes ,you are quite right , the question should say the upper end is hinged at a revolute joint (representing the hip joint) . The "acceleration " I mean relates to change in speed of the free end as it moving along its curved trajectory .

    Say you were sitting in a car going round a bend and the speedometer said a constant 30 miles an hour . The car would have constant angular acceleration .

    But what if you were going around the same corner whilst increasing speed from 30 mph to 60 mph (as measured by the speedo ) . How would you calculate the angular acceleration in that instance .

    Actually , I suppose you would be trying to find the rate of change in angular acceleration .

    But what does this mean for the force produced by the fishing weight (mass 100g ) on the seal .

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