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Thread: Centripedal forces and the calf muscle pump

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    Re: Centripedal forces and the calf muscle pump

    Hi Adam ,

    The site moderator suggested that a physiologist might be able to help progress the thread further , so I was happy to see that some else had responded who might indeed be a physiologist or have the relevant expertise to assist .

    However , you seem to have dismissed the main thrust of the thread to pursue material which , for this thread , is largely off topic .

    Could we bring things back to foot pumps, calf pumps and when required to explain things , bottles of sauce .

    I would be delighted to hear what you think about the centrifugal effect and venous return . I believe the subject is important but seems to be largely unexplored .


    PS Is the study of the mechanics of the cardiovascular system not biomechanics ?
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