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Thread: Abdominal emg processing - movement artefact

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    Abdominal emg processing - movement artefact

    Dear Biomch-L community,


    I have signals collected from the rect abdominis and ext obliques during a low load lifting task (any style) at frequencies of 20 - 40 lifts/min. I have some readings that spike and when I see it against mocap files, it tends to occur at the bottom of the lift, and in people who lift in a style with alot of spinal flexion. I hypothesized that these spikes would be due to some electrode artefacts. Not sure the actual words, but the electrodes could be bumping against each other in the extreme flexion posture.

    Question: are there filtering (or other means) to remove such spikes? If you can direct me to associated open source codes, if available, would definitely be helpful.

    Many thanks for taking the time to read and reply.

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