Noraxon DTS EMG System

Used only few times.
New price 34.000 euro in 2013
N-DTS-12CA DTS-System with PC interface receiver
12 EMG transmitter incl.
MyoResearch XP Clinical Applications software
incl. belt receiver with retransmitter and datalogger
Price 29.995,00

All standard DTS sensor connection leads
replaced by 16cm extended leads

DTS Wireless Sensors
N-DTS-ACC DTS 3D-Accelerometer
Measures the acceleration forces and vibration in G
3 dimensions can be measured simultaneously
Small dimensions and very lightweight
Scaling available in standard 2G/6G or optional 24G set
Price 1.295,00

N-DTS-GON-E2 2D Electrical Goniometer with Flexible Axis
Measures angular displacement, Measures one or two dimensions
Easy to use flexible axis, span between goniometer shanks: 100mm-
Price 3.595,00

N-DTS-HR DTS Heart Rate Sensor
Measures the heart rate
ECG signal and heart rate can be reviewed in
MyoResearch XP
Small dimensions and very lightweight
Price 3.595,00