Please apply, express your interest, or request informations to Hugo Kerhervé

Anticipated start date: Flexible, February-May, 2019
Work location: M2S Laboratory, Avenue Robert Schuman – 35170 Bruz


A fully funded postdoctoral researcher position is available at Université Rennes 2 (France). The successful applicant will become part of a unique training and research environment within the multidisciplinary M2S Laboratory, and will have the opportunity to develop a professional and scientific profile tailored to their interests and aspirations.

Salary will be 1,900-2,000 € / month (5th echelon, exact salary determined by HR department upon hiring) for 18 months, funded jointly by the Bretagne Region and Université Rennes 2. There are no citizenship restrictions. The candidate must have been based outside of France for more than 18 months within the last 3 years.

The candidate should have a strong interest in sports performance, with a background in applied exercise physiology and biomechanics. An experience in sports coaching and a willingness to integrate new technologies in the project will be highly valued. Demonstrated expertise with the following techniques will be an asset: indirect calorimetry, surface electromyography, motion capture.


The researcher will develop a project aiming to enhance performance by manipulating the nature, complexity and intensity of feedback provided to athletes (performance, physiological, biomechanical). Applications should be developed on ergometers available at the lab. Strong ties with local high-performance cycling and canoe-kayak structures can also offer privileged fields of study, with, for example, the implementation of aspects of the power-duration relationship (ex.: using W’ balance to improve pacing) having sufficient potential to be ultimately used by athletes, coaches and/or managers.

Applications exploring the use of virtual and/or augmented reality as performance enhancement tools are also welcome (ex.: using phantoms in VR to improve time-trial pacing).

The researcher will also have the opportunity to develop other projects depending on their aspirations: additional scientific studies, student supervision, grant writing and/or teaching. Candidates are encouraged to state their professional goals when applying.