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    Re: Venous foot pump

    Following some feedback ,the mechanism by which the whole foot becomes an osseofascial pump is not immediately apparent from the explanation I have given above , so this post is a bit of further explanation .

    Quote from above -

    "As weight is accepted onto the reference foot during gait , the medial and lateral longitudinal arches and the transverse arch are compressed , leading to increased tension in the interconnected deep and superficial fascial structures that envelop the foot . This increase in tension causes compression of the soft tissues of the foot including most of the venous system , dorsal and plantar ."

    A way of understanding this is as follows .

    Cup your hand as if you were trying to carry a little water in it or as if you were trying to cover a small egg on a table with your hand without crushing the egg . Maintain that hand shape as a friend puts a paper bag over the hand ,tightens the bag a litle to take up any slack and then tapes it in place with a few short pieces .

    So now you have something very roughly analagous to an arched foot enveloped in fascia . Now place your hand flat on a table top and push down on top of it with your other hand . As the hand (foot) flattens the paper bag becomes tensioned . The bag represents both the deep fascia and the superficial fascias of the foot

    In the foot the plantar fascia on the plantar aspect of the foot is continous with the fascia dorsals pedis . The superficial fascia is also continous going from plantar to dorsal .
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