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Thread: Quadruped to biped . Not possible in terrestrial apes .

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    Re: Quadruped to biped . Not possible in terrestrial apes .

    About 1.5 million years ago a last common ancestor gave rise to the ancestors of the modern day Bonobo (Pan Paniscus ) and Chimpanzee (Pan Troglodytes ) .

    Bonobos are found south of the river Congo and Chimps to the north ,and some have speculated that it is the geographic separation of the two species by the Congo and one of its tributaries , that has allowed the Bonobo to evolve differently than the Chimpanzee .

    But ,given time ,could you get from a Bonobo to a biped and would that process be similar to that which occurred 7 million years ago when a last common ancestor gave rise to Pan and Homo .

    One mechanism by which a Bonobo might give rise to a habitual biped is as follows .

    It is known that Bonobo society is dominated by females and that males displaying violent behavior towards females is prevented by female coalitions . Some have also forwarded the idea that alpha males in a group are selected not by males fighting each other for dominance but by female selection . It would appear therefore , that for a male to get ahead in Bonobo society ,they must have the goodwill of high ranking females . But if you are not the son of a high ranking female how do you ingratiate yourself with the decision makers ?

    Well , favorable personality traits such as empathic behavior might boost your standing a bit , but the ability and willingness to provide females with a regular supply of meat is really going to make you popular . But how ?

    Well let's say that through prolonged brachiation and perhaps a genetic mutation or two we get a Bonobo with long limbs , plenty of energy storing ligament and a pelvis that can be set at 60 or seventy degrees to the plane of the shoulders . ( Such an animal would be not unlike extant Gibbons in its ability to walk upright )

    Now let's say our "tending towards upright" , hungry , Bonobo is confronted by a tree full of feeding/roosting birds . Every time it attempts to ventured near the base of the tree , the birds fly away . In frustration the Bonobo picks up an old broken femur bone which happens to be lying nearby and ,with the ability to stand upright and separate the plane of its shoulders from the plane of its pelvis ,and using both hands , it flings the bone ,at speed , up into the tree . And out falls a bird with a broken wing . Bingo
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