It has just struck me that the evolution of bipedalism among tree climbing /terrestrial apes is not really a feasible theory . This is because of the enormous disadvantage that a bipedal male is at ,compared to a quadruped of equal size , when it comes to fighting for mates/territory , unless weapons can be used decisively . I do not see anyway past this evolutionary problem for terrestrial quadrupeds to give rise to bipeds . Any thoughts ?

Here is an exert from a post of mine on podiatry arena -

"One of the major problems in moving from quadrupedalism to bipedalism is a greatly reduced ability to fight rival males unless weapons are used .

If you are a biped , it's a lot harder to get upright after a fall . Also ,if you are a naked bipedal male and an a quadruped with long fangs approaches , you have every right to feel very vulnerable .
Imagine standing in your birthday suit as an angry ,very large ( same weight as you ), pit bull ,runs at you looking for something to bite through !
Worse , imagine a pit bull with fangs and 2 pairs of grasping feet rather than paws .

Moving from quadruped to biped could not happen anywhere other than the tree tops .

Gerrard Farrell


scotfoot, 18 minutes ago