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Thread: Quadruped to biped . Not possible in terrestrial apes .

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    Re: Quadruped to biped . Not possible in terrestrial apes .

    Let's say our Bonobo ,equipt with his newly discovered bird gathering ability ,becomes a big hit with the ladies and has many offspring . Might those offspring and their descendants become progressively better adapted to a two handed throw ( like swinging a baseball bat but letting go at the appropriate moment ) ,both physically and neurologically .

    From the neurological perspective might subsequent generations ,given the nature of a full body throw aimed in a particular direction , develop genetically dictated left or right side dominance , not just for fine motor tasks but for also for more general tasks .

    In effect , might we get the development of population handedness , were right/left side dominance affects not just the hand of choice for a task but also ,for example ,is linked to a dominant eye ?
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