The University of Verona (Italy) is offering a 3 years Ph.D scholarship in Neuroscience, Psychological and Psychiatric Sciences, and Movement Sciences within the Ph.D. School in Life and Health Sciences. The candidates will have the opportunity to work in the areas of motor control, learning and neurorehabilitation under the supervision of Dr. Matteo Bertucco. The project will involve experimental studies on neuromechanical and computational principles of postural and locomotor control and learning in healthy population as well as children with movement disorders (e.g. cerebral palsy). Particularly, the person selected will explore the feasibility of augmented sensory feedback and myocontrol to enhance motor function either in healthy subjects and patients with neuro-motor diseases. The laboratory is located at the School of Human Movement and Sport Sciences within the Department of Neurosciences, Biomedicine and Movement Sciences. The Department is among the most dynamic and prolific academic environments in Europe in Neuroscience and the School of Human Movement and Sport Sciences has been ranked among the best 20 Schools of Sport Sciences in the world by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (2017). The laboratory is equipped with VICON Motion Camera system, 2 force plates, 16 channels wireless EMG, accelerometers, TMS, TDCS and eye-tracking. Highly qualified laboratories in neuro-imaging, cognitive neuroscience and exercise physiology are also located within the Department with possibilities for interdisciplinary collaborations. Moreover, the laboratory is currently collaborating with national and international universities and research institutions (Europe and USA).

We seek a candidate with a Master’s Degree in Biomedical or Electrical Engineering or Human Movement Science who is motivated and with strong skills in MATLAB, LabView and C++ desired. Experience with kinematics, dynamics and EMG data collection and analysis is highly welcome.

For more information and to apply:
Interested applicants may also contact Dr. Matteo Bertucco, for additional information.
Applications must be submitted electronically from 13th May 2019 until 12.00 pm (midday) of 21st June 2019 (Italian local time) using exclusively the application form available at
The position will start the 1st October 2019.