It is with great sadness that we at B&L Engineering report the passing of Lee A. Barnes. Lee passed away in his sleep Monday night, April 29, 2019, at the age of 70 (he would have turned 71 in June). Lee was loved and highly respected by all who new him and he will be greatly missed.

Lee started his career in Biomechanics at the Pathokinesiology Service (Gait Lab) at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, under Jacquelin Perry and Dan Antonelli, in the 1970's. At the Rancho Gait Lab, he was instrumental in the development of the "Footswitch Stride Analyzer," developing the original computer code in machine language on a teletype machine. Later, at Rancho, he developed computer software for the analysis of EMG in gait.

In the early 1990's Lee became a part owner of B&L Engineering and in 1995, bought all the remaining shares of the company. At B&L, he was able to continue his early interest in biomechanics by developing hardware and software that would be beneficial to those performing gait analysis and biomechanics research.

It is our desire that Lee's interest in biomechanics be continued at B&L Engineering through the continued development of products beneficial to the field.

Contact: Gus Lopez, President, B&L Engineering; email:

Sincerely, Ernie Bontrager