Hi Dimitrios, thanks for posting this question. Please let me know if you find any great resources out there on this.

This forum being Biomch-L, I assume you have a research/research grade application in mind.

I asked a similar question a while ago, and was not able to find too much either.

My company provides a markerless single 3D sensor system to physical therapy (PT) clinics. Different application than research.

If the above doesn't scare you off you, here a couple of resources created by EuMotus:

Motion capture blog post providing a very broad + high level overview of mocap systems from multi-camera marker based systems through 2D cell phone app: https://www.eumotus.com/post/motion-capture/. We have a few other somewhat overlapping blog posts, but this is probably the best starting point for discussing mocap with different people from different backgrounds from material on our site.

Second, our Australian PT-in-residence published a continuing education markerless motion capture course in the context of PT. It provides an overview/tradeoffs of various mocap systems in the context of PT, which you can take to other applications. Also an example application for the clinic. https://www.physicaltherapy.com/pt-c...lysis-for-3218. You can use the code 1FREECOURSE to take the course for free on the ptdotcom platform.

Hope this helps.