Does anyone know of current research happening on bicycle safety, specifically with respect to child safety seats, trailers, and ride-behinds? A colleague pointed me to some research from Ruina's group a decade or so ago on bicycle dynamics (example: and I found some work on injury rates for bicycle-mounted child seats (example: But what I REALLY want to see are guidelines similar to motor vehicle safety guidelines (rear facing, front facing, booster seat, etc.) that follow appropriate age/weight guidelines, something like:
0-1 years old (<20lbs): Skip the bike, walk or use your stroller
1-2 year old (20-?? lbs): Front mount seat
.....: rear mount seat or bike trailer
.....: kid cargo bike
.....: ride behind bike
Right now it's still like the wild west when choosing between these options, no safety regulations or certifications, etc. that I can find. But it seems like we have a good start on dynamic models, and injury rates (almost 5,000 in the decade studied above) that necessitate further research.

This is a bit out of my wheelhouse now as I'm non-tenure track faculty with a heavy teaching load. But I still do some engineering education research and would be happy to support any efforts here. I just fell on my bike with my 5 year old and it renewed my interest in trying to pursue this line of research.