Dear All,

I am interested in a 3D video-based motion capture system without markers or sensors appropriate for rehabilitation settings. It will be used for posture, gait and upper-body analyses, thus having variable sample frequencies would be of benefit.


  • Area to cover (without loosing accuracy): 10m x 4m [L x W, more is fine too ]
  • Integration with force plates (Bertec)
  • Sorftware that provides common outputs such as 3D kinematics, kinetics, force plate data including COP trajectories, temporal-spatial parameters
  • Possibility to compare different trials/conditions and create outputs as described above
  • Possibility to extract data for statistical purposes
  • Portable
  • Fair cost


  • Overlay of force vectors on video
  • Possibility to extract self-running videos of particular motion sequences for teaching purposes

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Margrit Meier, PhD