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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 19:09:34 EDT


International Symposium and Young Scientists School

Mathematical Modelling and Information Systems
in Biology, Ecology and Medicine

Sofia, Bulgaria, August 23-27, 1995

Organized by: Bulgarian Academy of Science, Institute of Biophysics,
Center for Informatics and Computer Technology;
Institute for Informatics, University of Basel;
Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians;
IMACS/BG, The Biomathematical Society.

Co-sponsored by IMACS.

BIOMAT-95 is an interdisciplinary meeting of biologists and mathematicians
concerned with biomathematical sciences, such as biomathematics,
bioinformatics, biostatistics, biomechanics, bioautomatics and mathematical
problems from biophysics, biochemistry, biotechnology, bioengineering etc.
The meeting will be focused on:

- mathematical modelling in biology, ecology, physiology, pharmacology and
medicine; biorheology; drug statistics; population statistics;

- information systems, knowledge based systems, knowledge engineering and
intelligent data processing, program packages and problem solving
environments supporting biological and medical applications;

- mathematical immunology, math. neurophysiology, math. ecology, math.
population dynamics, math. epidemiology, enzyme kinetics, evolution,
biological waves and oscillators, nerve and synaptic transmission etc.;

- mathematical models, involving uncertain (set-valued, interval-valued, fuzzy
set-valued etc.) input data, validated numerics, enclosure methods involving
automatic result verification and the use of parallel architectures
(especially for solving typical biomathematical problems); sensitivity
analysis of dynamic systems, non-linear dynamics and chaos; particular
modelling situations and case studies underlying the above aspects.

BIOMAT-95 will be of interest to applied mathematicians, statisticians,
ecologists, biologists and medical scientists. It will provide a forum for
presentation of latest research and scientific developments; demonstration
of related software; reporting of case studies in industrial, medical and
scientific applications; discussion of future perspectives of
biomathematical sciences.

Tutorials (50 min.), plenary and invited lectures (40 and 30 min.),
scientific communications (20 min.), poster session.

Publications: All contributions will be refereed and published in a
post-conference volume.

Conference Language: English.

Registration fee:
(includes conference materials: the final program, a booklet of all
abstracts, general information, maps etc.; refreshments; reception;

Academic Student or Business
Acompan. person Commercial
Advanced Registration
(before July 31) 110 CHF 55 CHF 220 CHF

Late Registration
(after July 31) 150 CHF 75 CHF 300 CHF

Important Dates:
NOW send your postal and electronic address to:
Dr. S. Markov, Institute of Biophysics,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
"Acad. G. Bonchev" str., Block 21,
BG-1113 Sofia, BULGARIA
tel.: (+359 2) 707460 or 713-3704
to be included in the mailing list
June 30, 1995 submission of abstracts
July 31, 1995 pre-registration
September 20, 1995 submission of manuscripts

Scientific Committee: Bl. Sendov (Sofia) -- Chairman,
P. Kenderov (Sofia) - Vice Chairman

P. Antonelli (Edmonton), P. Auger (Lyon), Y. Cherruault (Paris),
J.-L. Gouze' (Sophia Antipolis), V. Krivan (Ceske Budejovice),
J. Li (Huntsville), P. Maini (Oxford), J. Milota (Praha),
W. Miranker (New York), J. P. Norton (Birmingham),
Ch. Ullrich (Basel), Z. Zlatev (Roskilde).

Organizing Committee:
M. Candev, N. Dimitrova, L. Dragnev, T. Kostova, M. Krastanov, P. Marinov,
S. Markov (Chairman), A. Mikhailova, E. Popova (Secretary), A. Salnick,
D. Shiriaev, S. Simoff, Ch. Ullrich, P. Zlateva