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Thread: Short foot exercise . Which muscles are involved ?

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    Short foot exercise . Which muscles are involved ?

    The short foot exercise has recently gained a lot of traction with physiotherapists and podiatrists for improving foot function , particularity among flat footed patients .

    The exercise , as prescribed by Janda , involves pulling the metatarsal heads towards the heel to produce a raised arch . During this maneuver ,the toes are kept relaxed and the present belief is that this exercise targets the intrinsic muscles of the foot making them stronger and improving many measures of foot function .

    My belief is that the muscles being targeted by Janda's version of the short foot exercise can't be the plantar intrinsics if the toes are not being plantarflexed and that instead it is the tibialis posterior ,tibialis anterior and the peroneal muscles that are being exercised . In closed chain these muscles are known to both dorsilflex the more proximal part of foot and plantarflex the distal aspect .

    Am I correct ?

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