I would like to know if researchers who attended in 2018 GCMAS Conference (Research Council) could present their views on the diffusion of 3d motion analysis and a possible limitation on the principles of evidence-based medicine in motor rehabilitation processes.

<< GCMAS 2018 - Research Council Gait/motion analysis is underutilized due to the lack of understanding by clinicians of its benefits and limitations. (6.6, SD 2.0)
A major barrier to a wider use of gait/motion analysis for directing interventions or in outcome assessment is the lack of a basic understanding by physicians, therapists, orthotists/prosthetists, and other medical professionals regarding its capabilities, benefits, and limitations. The purposes of this line of research are to develop and implement educational methods that can assist medical professionals in understanding the concepts involved in gait/motion analysis.

Gait/motion analysis is a cost effective patient management tool. (6.4, SD 2.1)
The cost effectiveness of gait analysis as a clinically useful tool has yet to be demonstrated as it relates to an individual’s participation, functional limitations, and disability. The lack of information has impeded the ability to justify the benefits of gait analysis to the consumer, medical community, and insurance providers. The purpose of this line of research is to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of gait/motion analysis as a patient management tool.>>

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