Hi Wagner,

I think you bring up excellent questions.

In my experience, one of the main barriers, perhaps even greater than awareness & understanding of mocap in clinicians, is most mocap systems are not designed for clinical use. Seldom do clinicians have more than 20-30 minutes with a patient.

If there is a combination of long setup time, complicated operations, and/or post-processing and manual digesting of information, the clinician will not be able to practically use the system in the clinical context.

For lightning fast elite athletes dynamic movements, or complex patient population groups who have access to biomechanics-grade motion capture labs, high fidelity high framerate recording is pretty amazing! For most clinical contexts, the research grade application is tough to apply in clinical context.

I am a technologist and co-founder of EuMotus (https://www.eumotus.com/video) - we design and provide motion analysis for physical therapy clinics.