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In 2019 we launched the Comparative Neuromuscular Biomechanics ‘Seed Group’!

The CNB is an international forum dedicated to comparative neuromuscular biomechanics and to enhancing cross-pollination between comparative and human biomechanics fields.

We feel strongly that an exchange between comparative and human research fields will accelerate discovery, both of biomechanical principles as well as novel health and engineering applications. To this end we established the CNB Seed Group to enhance dialogue across our fields. The CNB Seed Group is working towards a permanent Working Group status and subsequently a Technical Group of the International Society of Biomechanics (
ISB). The CNB Group will organize symposia in conjunction with ISB biennial congress (commencing at the ISB / ASB 2019 meeting).
These meetings aim to bring together comparative- and human-focused biomechanists from around the world to communicate their work and advance the understanding and application of comparative neuromuscular biomechanics.

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CNB @ ISB/ASB 2019

July 31 - August 4, Calgary, AB

CNB Symposium 2019
Comparative biomechanics across organizational scales (tissues to whole body dynamics)
Organizers: Monica Daley and Craig McGowan

  • Mariana Kersh
  • Spencer Lake
  • Natalie Holt
  • Manny Azizi
  • Heather More
  • Kiisa Nishikawa
  • Greg Sawicki
  • Stacey Shield
  • Christian Hubicki

CNB-affiliated Symposium
Using Musculoskeletal Modelling in Comparative Biomechanics
Taylor Dick and Christofer Clemente

  • Christofer Clemente and Taylor Dick, Chairs
  • Jonas Rubenson
  • Friedl De Groote
  • James Charles
  • Ashley Heers

CNB Business Meeting, August 1, 6pm, Room Glen 205. All Welcome!

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