Hello, I am selling a set of Flex 3 cameras and Optihubs.

The Flex 3 cameras are a great starter system for small capture volumes. The Flex 3 cameras capture at 100 FPS at a resolution of 640x480. Eight cameras can track one person wearing the full-body reflective marker set or several rigid bodies.

8 x Flex 3 (V100-R2) cameras - 6 black case, 2 red case

2 x Optihub 2 with universal power supply and outlet plug for North America (can swap to use a different outlet plug)

2 x Uplink USB cable 16-foot connects hub to computer
4 x Camera USB cable 16-foot, down angle, connects camera to hub

Asking $2,400 or best offer for the set, or $1,200 or best offer for half (set of 4 cameras, 1 hub, and cables).
Will also consider swaps for Optitrack active components (Slim 13 cameras, base station, active pucks, LED tags).
All equipment was tested and works fine.

If you will be attending SIGGRAPH 2019 in Los Angeles CA between July 28 - August 1st, 2019, we could meet in person to inspect the equipment in or near the Convention Center.