I am looking for motivated MSc and PhD students in Bone and Joint Biomechanics, in Human Mobility Research Center https://www.queensu.ca/hmrc/home, Queen's University at Kingston, ON, Canada.

Addressing subject specific musculoskeletal integrity, my Queen's Bone and Joint Biomechanics lab investigates: i) bone mechanobiology; ii) hard tissue biomechanics; iii) orthopaedic biomechanics and preclinical analysis of orthopaedic implants; and iv) development of implantable biomedical devices. The objective of my NSERC DG (with accelerator grant) research programme is to understand the human musculo-skeletal system better, to aid the development of biomechanical and safe solutions for the care and treatment of diseased or injured systems.


Funding is for domestic students and landed immigrants.

Contact me: heidi.ploeg@queensu.ca