Dear all,
The University of Texas at Austin has four open faculty positions related to rehabilitation robotics and engineering:
1) The Department of Kinesiology and Health Education is looking for faculty at the Asst./Assoc. level in the area of biomechanics and neuromuscular control of movement
2) The Department of Biomedical Engineering is looking for faculty at the Asst. level in the area of rehabilitation engineering, neural prosthetics and/or neural interfaces.
3,4) The Department of Mechanical Engineering has *two* open positions looking for faculty in the area of robotics, one open rank, and the other at the Assoc./Full level.
All of these positions can involve joint appointments at UT's new Dell Medical School depending on fit. Other environmental support organizations include the UT Robotics consortium and UT's rehabilitation research consortium, CARE.
All applications are due by Nov 1.