My lab at the University of Nevada, Reno is hiring a PhD student for Fall 2020 to work on multi-sensory integration in insects during search behavior (flies/mosquitoes). The lab is very interdisciplinary and you will have opportunities that include field work, wind tunnel experiments, 2-D and 3-D real-time tracking, high speed video, flow visualization, virtual reality, high speed imaging, neurogenetics experiments, data driven modeling, and robotics. More information about the labís research can be found here:

The position is fully funded through a combination of RA and TA appointments.

The Reno area is a diverse and growing hub for technology, the arts, science, and the outdoors. We have riverside parks, lots of summer festivals, skiing is only 30 min away, and it's almost always sunny, but rarely gets uncomfortably hot or cold.

Students can apply through Mechanical Engineering, Neuroscience, or Ecology/Evolution. Ideal applicants will have some experience with programming (python preferred), an interest in tinkering and building things, and a fascination with how animals work, but any combination of those skills and interests will be considered.

For more information, please contact Floris van Breugel at To apply, please send: 1) a 1-page cover letter outlining your research interests and career goals, 2) your CV and academic transcripts, and 3) contact information for three referees to the above email address. Applications will be reviewed as they are received but should be submitted no later than Dec. 15th for fall 2020 admission.