I am seeking graduate students (multiple positions, masters or PhD) to join the Gait Biomechanics Lab in the Kinesiology and Applied Physiology department at the University of Delaware starting in 2020. My lab aims to understand the mechanisms responsible for changes in gait due to age, joint pathology, injury, or exercise. Current projects include development of methods to quantify gait biomechanics in real-world, out-of-the lab settings and testing the roles of muscle strength and muscle fatigue in age and knee osteoarthritis-related changes in gait.

Students would be enrolled in the interdisciplinary Biomechanics and Movement Science (BIOMS) graduate program. This nationally top-ranked program includes students and faculty from the Colleges of Health Sciences, Engineering, and Arts & Sciences. Prospective students can visit https://sites.udel.edu/bioms/prospective-students/ for more information on the program and admissions requirements.

Interested individuals please contact Jocelyn Hafer, PhD at jfhafer@udel.edu