Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to invite you to the 6th International Scientific Conference “Motor Control 2020” under the subtitle “From theory to applications” which will take place from 17th to 19th September 2020 and will be held in the beautiful surroundings of Beskids Mountains in Wisła/Poland.

Motor Control conferences have been held in Poland on a regular basis since 2000. The main aim of the conference is to provide opportunity for participants coming from all corners of the world to share and exchange ideas and experiences relating to motor control and biomechanics. As always, we can guarantee the outstanding scientific, and social experience.

The main conference topics are:

1. Neural basis of movement
2. Impaired motor control and rehabilitation
3. Posture control and locomotion
4. Motor learning and variability of movement
5. Perception, cognition and action in virtual reality
6. Reaching and grasping control
7. Aging and motor control

Our confirmed Keynote Speakers are

· Evangelos A. Christou - University of Florida, USA
· Jaap van Dieën - Vrije University, Netherlands
· Marcos Duarte - Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC), Brasil
· Anatol Feldman - University of Montreal, Canada
· Fay Horak - Oregon Health & Science University, USA
· Yuri Ivanienko - Foundation Santa Lucia, Department of Neuromotor Physiology, Italy
· Michael W. Jakowec - University of Southern California, USA
· Mark Latash - Pennsylvania State University, USA
· Mindy Levin - McGill University, Canada
· Gerald E. Loeb - University of Southern California, USA
· Monica Perez - Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, Chicago, USA
· John Rothwell - University College of London, UK
· Marco Santello - Arizona State University, USA
· Reza Shadmehr - Johns Hopkins University, USA
· Gregor Schöner - Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
· Jeroen Smeets - Vrije University, Netherlands
· Eugene Tunik - Northeastern University, USA

Further information about the conference can be found on the website

Registration is now opened.
We look forward to welcoming you in Wisła in September 2020.

Kajetan J. Słomka