Dear subscribers,

As part of the new web site of the ISB, I have installed a web
page for Biomch-L. It allows you to search the wealth of
information in the archives (30 MB total) using keywords. This
is a vast improvement over the cumbersome LISTSERV search
language, and also interactive rather than mail-based.

Through this page, you can also access the ISB home page, which
is not quite finished. So I'm not formally announcing the ISB
site yet, but you may want to look around and give me some
feedback or suggestions for material to include.

The Biomch-L page is at:

Please let me know if anything does not work properly. I will be
on vacation until the 5th, so don't expect a reply until then.

If you have any urgent problems related to Biomch-L, contact Mike
Young who is the present 'active moderator'.

-- Ton van den Bogert
Biomch-L co-moderator
ISB web-master