Take a look at the Visualization Toolkit (vtk) at

There you will find all the source code, example data, documentation, etc.
for a quite complete library of C++ code with tcl script bindings which wil
do most of your polygonal mesh generation. It includes marching cubes and a
number of other algorithms for iso-surface extraction -- Note that vtk is
in part authored by Bill Lorensen, the author of the Marching Cubes
algorithm. The code compiles on many Unix boxes as well as Win95/NT and
includes an OpenGL based viewer for both platforms.

I have used vtk for a number of projects in our surgery simulation work and
find it amazing that something this good is basically free. BTW, there is a
book by Prentice-Hall that you do need to fully understand how vtk works--
it is listed in the web site.

A final pointer is to mvox (http://www.imm.dtu.dk/~mvox/) -- this is an
interactive application to segment and mesh medical imagery. I have also
used it in conjunction with vtk for difficult segmentation problems. There
is a demo on the website-- it costs money, around $2500 US, but it works
well and is considerably cheaper than other similar packages that I know

Good Luck,

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