Article 318 in alt.3d:
From: keith@uunet!tellab5!odgate (Keith Ludwig)
Newsgroups:,,alt.3d,c omp.realtime
Subject: Looking for 3D realtime prog. lib's for the Mac.
Date: 3 Apr 92 15:59:07 GMT
Distribution: comp
Organization: Odesta Corporation
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I'm new to this area, so pardon me if this is a FAQ. I'm interested in
developing navigational applications for the Mac which use 3D and perform
*quickly*. Real-time is not a necessity but would be very desirable.
I'm aware of certain CAD applications (like Sketch!) which enable
sophisticated 3D drawing and rendering, but I have yet to come across a
set of libraries that I could use from my own Mac application. Any comments
or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Also, I was wondering if there are any preferred "standards" for storing
three-dimensional data (DXF, perhaps?). It seems it would vary depending
upon the kind of 3D data that is represented (wire-frame images vs. terrain
descriptions vs. what-have-you), so any references to descriptions of such
preferred formats would also be greatly appreciated.

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