Dear Biomch-L readers,

The previous posting onto the list, from Christian Ho"gfors in Gothenburgh,
Sweden was, it seems, a LaserWriter output file not intended for direct,
human reading. I have asked Christian to look into this.

Having received some comments from the readership, let me apologize on
behalf of our swedish friends; they have just obtained a new email system,
and all beginning is difficult. The advantages of an open forum like
Biomch-L, without prior editorial censorship do seem to entail certain
disadvantages, too!

With kind regards -- Herman Woltring.

N.B.: Essential information for the Gothenburgh meeting is:

Time: May 7, 1992 (08:00 h) - May 8, 1992 (15:15 h)
Place: Aagren's Villa, Gothenburgh (not far from downtown)
Contact: Gunilla Ekman, Centre for Biomechanics,
Chalmers University of Technology,
S - 412 96 GOTHENBURGH, Sweden
Tel. +46(31)772 1515, Fax +46(31)772 3477
Email: (Christian Ho"gfors)