Dear Colleagues

I want to estimate the error (percentage)in the plantarflexion moment during
gait caused by using a 2-D approach (sagittal plane) instead of a 3-D analysis.

According to Scott & Winter (1991*), a 2-D analysis (sagittal plane of
movement) could over estimate the true moment at the ankle in plantarflexion
by 6-22% in comparison to a 3-D approach. However, these percentage are
based on the results of only three subjects.

* Scott, SH, Winter DA (1991). Talo crural and talocalcaneal joints
kinematics and kinetics during the stance phase of walking. J Biomech, 24:

I would like to know if there are other papers regarding this percentage of

Does anyone have other information that could help me to estimate this error?

I would appreciate colleagues comments on this.


Dr Sylvie Nadeau
School of Rehabilitation Therapy
Queen's University, Kingston,
Ontario, K7L 3N6
Phone: 613- 545-6000 5147

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