Hi All,

I am in the market for a not-so-pricey but effective kinematic analysis
system for a new Motor Coordination Lab at Griffith University, Australia.
I'm considering Skill Technologies' rather elegant 6DF electromagnetic
polemeus device (starting at around US$30K) - the attraction being that
bone and muscle tissue is transparent to EMFs - no lost markers; it's in
real time (4 msec delay); it seems easy to use.

Has anyone out there had experience with this system and might like to
share your thoughts?

-Is it easy to use?
-Have you found the sampling rates (30/40/60/120Hz for 4/3/2/1 sensors) to
be fast enough?
-Is it a useful teaching tool? I see they have a lab manual with exercises.
-Have you considered expanding the number of sensors to 8, or if so, has
this worked?
-Do you think the Phoenix (their basic system) is good value for money or
would you recommend the more expensive Imperial and Genius systems?
-How about support and service?
-Would you recommend the system?
-Any other comments or points to should be aware of?

I am also considering MACREFLEX infra red video passive marker system. It's
about $50-60K, but maybe 6D is even more elegant and better?

Thanks very much,


Paul Treffner (treffner@usq.edu.au)
Toowoomba, Australia: http://www.usq.edu.au/users/treffner

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