Shalom to all netters

We need some urgent help in the following, and could not find anything
useful in the literature available to us.
We are looking into peripheral nerve regenerayion following severe
damage and the effect of various treatments. The model is the sciatic
nerve in rats. I am looking for a simple but reliable and acceptable
method to assess mechanically / visually the recovery. I was trying to
sqeeze the mid-finger while recording the foot movement using video, but
it was too slow (I don't have high speed video). Of course we are
running EMG and histologic tests as well, but the mechanical aspect is
my project.
I wonder if anyone came across any simple solution to this question.
I'll send a summary of responses if I find you are interested in it.
Thank you

Moshe Nissan
Orthopaedics B'
Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

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