Dear colleagues:

A student of mine is doing a research project on (American) football
punting and is lining up related literature. So far he has come up with
the following references:

Cunningham, J.E. & Dowell, d. Effect of air resistance on three types
football trajectories. Research Quarterly, 1976, 47(4), 852-854.

Kermond, J. & Konz, S. Survey on the mechanics of punting. Scholastic
Coach,1978, 48(4) 102, 104, 106-107, 130.

MacMillian, M.B. Determinants of the flight of the kicked football.
Quarterly, 1975, 46(1), 48-57.

Murray, B. & Falcone, C. Kicking the football. Athletic Journal, 1970,

51(4), 30-34.

Sedersten, DW. A Kinematic analysis of the relationship of the body's
of gravity position and the attainment of maximal foot velocities on
football punters. Volume 53-07A of Dissertation Abstracts

Any additional references would be appreciated. I'll post a summary of



Richard N. Hinrichs, Ph.D.
Dept. of Exercise Science
Arizona State University

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