What do you think, if I tell you that one of my 70 years old Kungfu
teachers can cure arthritic people? He is a Chinese acupuncture doctor with
governmental license. I am very glad that I have learned not only
knowledge but also some gentleman manner with emotional expression in
english, Which are not taught in my text books. Thank you also for giving
me another chance by which I speak something. I will keep up my study and
do my best to keep silence.
Chinese Taichi Bagua Philosophy guides both Chinese acupuncture therapy
and Taichi Bagua martial arts. Every year a lots of chinese students
including oversea students graduate from acupuncture department of Chinese
medical university. Not all students will become good acupuncture doctor,
although their heads are full of textbook knowledge.They have to understand
their knowledges with dynamic Taichi philosophy. Not like a western medical
doctor with mordern equipments, They only have several needles and minds.
For example,My teacher pierces some body points of a arthritic patient
which are not joint points of anatomy but unique Chinese acupuncture points.
I just try to discuss what I have seen and experienced. I am not a medical
student. If human being is a self_cure system, he turn on the switch
by piercing some unique neural points, which were discovered by Chinese
acupuncture ancestor over two thousand years ago. Of course Chinese medical
theory include internal and external causes such as weather, humidity
season and time of one day etc, for Chinese Taichi philosophy never think
human body is a kind of isolated system. Human is regarded as the
contractible model of this world. They are guided by the same kind of
scientific law. It is strange that some of the arthritic people can
forecast the weather more correctly than the weather news. Perhaps
practicing TaiChi Bagua martial arts help my teacher understand all of
these, so he is a very good doctor.
Is it time that science meet chinese culture?I am very glad that some
western scientist found that pacient take tablet at some certain time can
prevent the outbreak of heart disease more efficiently, for most heart
discease usually outbreak at a certain period of a day. Some scientist
found chaos and nonlinear phenomena of heart. They try to prevent the
occurance of heart disease at correct point by little stimulation. I recall
a sentence about weather forecast in a Chaos theory book. Perhaps it is,
if a butterfly swing its wing in southern america, there will be a blizzard
in northern america. So How less force will a master beat a stronger
opponent according to Chaos theory? Even if a simple mechanics system of
several parts can cause chaos and nonlinear phenomena, what about a complex
musular_skeleton system? Does our electronic filter throw away some usable
signal? Could you forgive a amateur please? I am a electronics engineer and
a student of computer science. English is not my major communication way.
Sorry, Before I understand the knowledge, I begin to doubt something.
Usually in biomechanics model we regard human body as some solid parts
linked by some joints. This model is excellent in analyzing a lot of
human movements. In Taichi Bagua training methods, we always emphasize
serial diagonal torsion of these solid parts such as the upper arm,
humerus, thorax and pelvis etc. What should i do to analyse them? We can
get analyse results of this kind of martial arts by this kind of model, but
we omit the unique training characteristics. If Chinese Kungfu lose its
essence, it is only another kind of gymnastics. I feel strange that i have
to find a human shape model of continuous nonlinear acceleration field
also. Should I analyze them by Newtonian or Einstein theory? In quantum
mechanics there is a famous conflict caused by experimental observer.
Scientist feel strange that A obersver always affect the quantum
experiment result, but human genius always setup scientific theory with a
external observer. What about we are both observer and experimental samples
when we are practicing? Will this form a feedback system which can cause
chaos and nonlinear phenomena? I feel a kind of trepidation because here
are a lot of famous scientist and i have knowledge limit.I will keep up
study both as a Kungfu practicer and a university student. I have learnt a
lot from you, since I found this place. Thank you. You are welcome, if you
come China for curing arthritis.
Wang Chengzhi
student of MD.
Computer Science Department
Tianjin University
The People's Republic of China

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