Dear Biomch-L subscribers:
I am trying to test the fatigue effect on a Polyurethane foam to be used
as an insole.
In the literature review I have found some interesting papers by D.J.
Pratt et al.
My questions are:
1. Is there any additional reference about how long should an insole
maintain its absorption and cushioning properties?.
2. If so, in which way it could be tested?.
My goal is to define a testing procedure to test a shoe incorporating an
insole by means of an Instron machine, controlling the applied load and
establishing the number of cycles (steps will be simulated by means of a
rectified sine wave).
Thanks in advance,
Arturo Forner
Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia
Valencia. Spain.
Tel. + 34 96 1366032
Fax. +34 96 1366033

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