At the 1999 AAHPERD National Convention (Boston,MA) in April (20-24), the
Biomechanics Academy will host a session, "Issues in Teaching Undergraduate

One of the topics is, "Teaching Biomechanics on a Shoestring Budget", in
which I would like to present low-cost laboratory activities for those of
us who do NOT have a great deal of funding for equipment and a
fully-developed laboratory.

If you have ideas and/or projects/assignments/activities that you think
would be useful to such a presentation, please forward me any information
you can.

In addition to the AAHPERD presentation, if there is enough information, I
will also post the results on Biomch-l and/or create a lab packet if there
is interest.

Thank you.

John R. Blackwell, Ph.D.
Exercise & Sport Science
University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117-1080 USA
TEL: (415) 422-5988
FAX: (415) 422-6267

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