Dr. Siff, please excuse my reluctance today to answer this below. Your
rewriting this as to frontal plane cleared up my non-Latin grasp.

There are 4 basic "texts" on this work that with your knowledge i think you
could grasp this stuff real good. Tomorrow if I can make time I will try to
give an overview. Your reading the 4 texts may open the door better. They
are not lengthy, more like notebooks and are for beginners.

Let me see what we can do. We do want to impress you. You seem open minded.

We will try to go forward with our best foot.


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Date: Monday, October 26, 1998 1:36 PM

>Recently, I wrote:
>> If such precise calipers, goniometers etc are used to identify and
>deviations of posture or alignment, it would be interesting to ask which
>and tolerances need to be adhered to and to what extent individual
>idiosyncracies are accepted. For instance, is sagittal linearity of the
>a sine qua non of healthy human function.
>**Quick correction to a typing error - this should have read frontal plane
>linearity - obviously there are the three (cervical, thoracic and lumbar)
>normal non-linear curvatures in the sagittal plane!
>Dr Mel C Siff
>Littleton, Colorado, USA
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