Article 2404 in comp.robotics:
From: (Michael Kassler)
Subject: Robotics for Health Care
Summary: Australian seminar, 14 September
Keywords: health care, rehabilitation, surgery, patient transfer
Date: 4 Jul 92 05:31:59 GMT
Organization: Sydney University Computing Service, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Australia's first seminar on "Robotics for Health Care" will take place
in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, on Monday 14 September. The seminar
will discuss the current state of robotic technology for such applications
as rehabilitation, surgery, patient transfer and microrobotics and will
assess Australia's needs and opportunities in this area. The keynote speaker
will be Professor Pierre Rabischong of Montpellier, France, well known
for his work on robotic techniques to restore mobility to handicapped and
elderly people. Registration fee is $A 230. Programme details available from
Michael Kassler and Associates Pty Limited, Suite 2, 2 West Crescent Street,
McMahons Point NSW 2060, Australia, fax +61 2 959 4632, or e-mail to

Michael Kassler