I'm a math/stats person, and recently got suckered into EMG research by
the local rehabilitation therapy department. It soon became obvious
that little (valid) statistical methodology exists for comparison of
EMG patterns (some classes of patterns being more or less fortunate
than others).

I'm curious to hear from the members of this list about what ways they
might be using EMG in their work -- what variant of EMG signal is being
used, what information is expected from that signal, what experimental
design was used, and what math/stats techniques are applied.

My work focusses on the linear envelope pattern (analogue sampling over
over a finite period of time, full-wave rectification and low pass
filtering, usually followed by digital sampling) of a set of muscles
while a limb is moved through its full range of motion in one plane.
There are many unanswered design and analysis questions for this form
of signal.

I look forward to hearing from some of you.