Sorry to be so late in my reply but listed below your
original message are four citations that may be of use to you
regarding anthropometry of pregant women. I hope that despite
their lateness in delivery they will still help you.

David Dillard
Temple University
(215) 204 - 4584

On Sat, 20 Nov 1999, Nelson Sierra wrote:

> Hello everyone;
> Can anyone direct me to information regarding anthropomety of
> pregant women. Any information would be appreciated and I will post a
> summary of replies if anyone is interested.
> Nelson Sierra


TITLE: Maternal anthropometry and pregnancy outcomes : a WHO
collaborative study.
PUBLISHED: Geneva : World Health Organization, 1995.

NOTES: "Supplement to volume 73, 1995, of the Bulletin of the
Health Organization."
Includes bibliographical references.

TITLE: Maternal nutrition and pregnancy outcomes
: anthropometric
assessment / edited by Katherine Krasovec & Mary Ann
PUBLISHED: Washington, D.C. : Pan American Health Organization,
Pan American Sanitary Bureau, Regional Office of the World
Health Organization, c1991.

AUTHOR: Berge, Pamela, 1948-
TITLE: Cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy : maternal
anthropometry and birth outcomes / by Pamela Berge.
NOTES: Thesis (Ph. D.)--Cornell University, May, 1989.
Includes bibliographical references.

AUTHOR: Paxton, Elizabeth Anne.
TITLE: Maternal anthropometry and body composition in
pregnant women / by Elizabeth Anne Paxton.
PUBLISHED: New York : Columbia University, 1994.


TITLE: Maternal anthropometry and pregnancy outcome among Jerusalem
AUTHOR: Villamor, E. 0a; Gofin, R.; Adler, B.
SOURCE: Annals of Human Biology: 25, no. 4 (July-Aug.,, 1998): 331-343.

TITLE: Maternal anthropometry and infant feeding practices in Israel
in relation to growth in infancy: The North African infant
feeding study.
AUTHOR: Fawzi, W. W.; Forman, M. R.; Levy, A.; Graubard, B.
SOURCE American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 65, no. 6
(1997): 1731-1737

TITLE: Changes in energy expenditure, anthropometry, and energy
intake during the course of pregnancy and lactation in
well- nourished Indian women.
AUTHOR: Piers, L. S.; Diggavi, S. N.; Thangam, S.; Van Raaij, J. M.
A.; Shetty, P. S.; Hautvast, J. G. A. J.
SOURCE American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 61, no. 3
(1995): 501-513

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