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finger movements and/ormin jerk

I'm a phd student at University of Pavia, Italy.
I'm working to simulate the natural movement of a finger.

I've read the article about the theory of min. jerk:

Flash T., Hogan N., (1985), The Coordination of Arm Movements: An
Experimentally Confirmed Mathematical Model, The Journal of
Neuroscience, Vol. 5, No. 7, pp. 1688-1703

I have a question: do you think the min. jerk could be applied for
finger's movement (if so, is there any article about this)?

Before answering, please see my questions on:

Thanks a lot for your attention,



Secco Emanuele Lindo
Dip. Informatica e Sistemistica
UniversitÓ di Pavia
Via Ferrata, 1 - 27100 Pavia - Italia
tel. +39 (0)382 505352
fax. +39 (0)382 505373

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